Blog #3

A5BF6593-8A5A-4E94-AE07-4BB9C2B9D2C3Whoosh! I drive towards home completely entranced by the notes of the music swirling in my ears. My sight is graced with puffy clusters of snow, drifting ever so softly to the frozen pavement below. Nothing could ruin this drive, The snow glides across my window and settles on the ground blanketing the city for the rest of the year. I look to my right before I drive down the tree lined track into my neighbourhood. Something floating down the road captures my attention. A wrinkled jellyfish of a bag wobbles and spins, dancing ever so delicately in the snow as if the nutcracker dance had been ringing through its creation. For what feels like minutes, I become captivated by the bags manufactured beauty, mixed with the purity of the seasons first snow. HONK! Jokted from my trance, I pull down the path towards home but stop first to retrieve the dancing snow angel. I tick the car into park after finally reaching the comfort of home, where the scent of cinnamon buns becomes incased in my mind, but I become frozen like the pavement below the wheels as I look in the passenger seat to see the frail bag slumped there. The handles stretched to its one time used full potential while a slight rip in the bottom explains its journey of dancing with the wind. I knew the shiny waterproof case deserved so much more then the inevitable fate which plagues most of its kind. This bag was destined to rot away in the rolling hills of the cities litter, awaiting patiently until the earth took roots around it again. No, this bags purpose will change, it danced it’s way into my seat knowing too well that I would help it reach a new purpose.


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