Love letter to Mother Nature


The soft whisper of wind speaking sweet nothings in my ears as I lay peacefully on the fertile bed of a field

Gazing up I am mesmerized at the birds swooping and the sun gradually drooping slowly…ever so slowly 

In this moment my mind wonders to you… 

I am amazed by the sound of your heart the veins pumping so violently as your crystal like blood crashes to the lowest points of your body and settle all around us. 

The blades of vibrant green and gold grass dancing angelically to the music of our ancestors. 

The sky is constantly changing as days turn to nights in an effortless cycle. Your children speak in the night with chirps and hoos as my mind trails to the sacred land you’ve provided. 

The joy I experience when you smile, it truly warms me to my core, it casts waves of love when my cheeks become painted with your lipstick kisses

Your devotion to constantly adapt to the makeovers we give your skin. Thank you for selfishly sitting there while we cover your face in the smudges of makeup you prefer not to wear.

In the daytime sun we spend time fighting with ourselves, But we are delivering ample amounts of hurt to you and spend days upon days trying to mend your scars. 

Don’t cry sweet affectionate mother, your tears will only melt the ice we need… we aren’t helping you by always giving you warm tight hugs. 

I’m sorry mother we cut your hair while you slept, we simply needed the strong trunks of your hair to warm ourselves. 

You created us from the bones of your body allowing us to marvel in your beauty if only for a short time we will soon mesh back into your being. 

Your awe inspiring views upon the highest cliffs and mountains are infatuating to me as I dangle my toes over the sheer drop feeling as if I could touch the cotton clouds over a valley that is teaming with life.

The ice palace of the cold plains has been a fond place to be as you can see crystals and diamonds frozen in the air although your bites on my nose are not favoured the sight is truly remarkable. 

Your rocky coasts stretching forever with endless treasures to find while beach combing through the sand.

sand-dunes in a dessert like environment appear as if frozen waves of gold ready to Crash again. 

laying in this field and shed tears for you.

I feel your kind hearted nature reassure my uneasy mind that there is still hope, with a tickle on my toes from the grain you’ve provided us a smile crosses my face and I close my eyes. 


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